Eco World

Ecological Living - Do It Yourself, Sustainability in everyday life, Eco Life Guidance, Environmental Reference Manual, Eco Cruising Life, Nautical Sustainable Compliances, Simple yet effective all-encompassed healthy living solutions

Authored by Sasha Barac
Edition: 1

No matter how or where you live you impact our earth environment. And yes you have it in your power to make a world of difference. This book shows you how to identify and use simple, low cost, easily accessible, natural ingredients for your cleaning, clothing, cosmetics and cuisine as you cruise through life.

Importantly the author has researched and shows why the suggested ingredients and reci

Eco World Cover for Kindle

pes minimise environmental impact compared to many more damaging and expensive commercial alternative while at the same time are better for you. It is not just a book to read but in many ways becomes a reference guide that you can refer to time and again.


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