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Cruisers Exposed

Cruisers Exposed

For those who wish to find out about the cruising lifestyle and for those who wish to decide if they would like to join the cruising community this book will be an eye opener. For all others our cruising and travelling book will provide an entertaining read filled with fun and frustration, an amazing spectre of adventures and accidents, achievements and inventions inspired in moments of dire survival!

Authored by Sasha Barac and Roger Boxall
Edition: 1

This is the story of Australian Yacht EDNBAL sailing and admiring the Marvels of the World. The cruising life style gave the Authors a great opportunity to meet many and get to know people of the World belonging to various societies and coming from all walks of life.

The Authors were eager to learn about countries travelled, learn about humans’ history in various parts of the world, and they often experienced the nature and wilderness surrounding the vast expense of Oceans. The cruising adventures described in this book are collected from the stories told by a number of cruisers, they include the best and the worst experiences in cruising seen, heard of, listened to, and definitively savoured by the Authors in the last ten years.

The famous World traveller Marco Polo described his extensive travels in a similar exact, accurate but somewhat unbelievable description in his “Marvels of the World”. Ednbal’s Marvels of the World is indeed a TRUE Cruiser Story and will hopefully gain respect and appreciation easier than Marco’s!

“Wishing in my secret thoughts that the things I had seen and heard should be made public for the benefit of those who could not see them with their own eyes.” Marco Polo


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