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The various Knowledge Base links on the internet helped us in decision making process to equip the Ednbal. I hope that those may help you as well
Tuning an Anchor Rode
This has been an absolutely excellent and exhaustive explanation how the vessel behaves on anchor. Plenty of 'smart' for calculation of Static and Dynamic Mixed Rode behaviours all in simple spreadsheet style calculator format. Well done Alain.
Official site of Ednbal Manufacturer

This link is a must. We are members of a Beneteau Yacht Club site, Beneteau Spare Parts On Line shopping and of course Yahoo Beneteau 393 Group.

They all help us maintain and learn about Ednbal and keep it in pristine condition.

Marion, SC Beneteau Factory in USA

An education program for kids, still fun to see this video of Marion South Carolina Beneteau Factory.

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Cruising Routes
For people that can read and understand French, this is very comprehensive guide..
Intercoastal Waterway - USA
All the current information about cruising ICW in comfort
Bahamas and East Coast of USA
A complete guide to anchorages...
World Atlas
Did you want to find where is Gulf?
Electrical Power Solution
Energy Solutions
Everything about ELECTRICAL stuff you'll ever need installed on your boat. Better even - this site offers a perfect solution!
Charger / Inverter Comparison
An excellent comparison site found on UK Barges web site. It compares all available marine chargers and inverters of todays market.
Ropes and rigging
How to rig your boat
An excellent article showing how, what and when to rig your sailing boat.
How to splice ropes
Have you ever needed to splice your snubber lines? Have a look at this neat instructions...
Registring of EPIRB
The first thing to do before to embark on any type of coastal, offshore or ocean trips. Get yourself 406 MHz EPIRB and register it so that you may get a chance to be rescued...
Crossing Reporting System
If you embark on a long jurney, you need not only to plan for it, but also to maintian contact with Safety Authorities
Sailing Schools
Offshore Yacht Master Courses
Before you consider cruising you definitively need mroe training. Training in MOB, training in Navigation (Even Celestial), training in safety. This is one of the reputable places to go to and learn to sail. Acquaring the official papers is only 'icing on the cake', to be able to apply the knowledge in the real life - threatening situation is something that you MUST frequently excerise.
We have also been enroled in The Yacht Master course in Fremantle. The best ever teaching done by Dereck Stone.
Vessel Registering
We also had to legaly change the vessel from being USA registred to Australia Registred. A lot of effort went into assembling papers, certificates and documents and maknig it all happen.
US Coast Guard

Once Registred in Australia, we have to leave US waters and only upon return, we can ask for a cruising permit. Very complicated, if we only new...

Obeying King Neptune
We, as many other owners, were in a need to change the name of the vessel. In order not to make Gods crazy - we tried to follow strict rules when changing the name.
Vessel Stability
STIX - Stability Index



Here's an excerpt:




Design Category












Wave height (metres) up to

approx 7











Typical Beaufort wind force

up to 10

up to 8

up to 6

up to 4


Calculation wind speed (m/s)






Minimum STIX Value






Minimum AVS (degrees)






The  STIX value of 32 is recommended for force 10 winds! A number higher than 32 is desirable. The complete list is at:


The listing is only for the standard keel. Standard and shoal keel STIX numbers are listed for other models (e.g., the 373 and the 523 and there's no difference between the STIX numbers, somewhat surprising to me). The AVS number is 119 degrees, a little below the 130 minimum recommended for force 8 winds. Even the 473 and the 523 only have AVS numbers of 119 and 111 respectively although the STIX numbers are 48 and 46.


A more detailed description of STIX can be found at:


Sail vessel Design and Stability

An interesting site for those who want to know how well can their vessel sail.

Stability Definitions
Hey, all about true stability formulas!
USA Weather
So many good sites, have a look at this one
Australia Weather
The official BOM Austraila site
Carribean Weather
What to expect in Carribeans
Currents with the Atlantic
Sailing with the Gulf