Maintenance Schedule

Item Monthly Qtrly Half Yearly Yearly Bi-Yearly
Both Diesel Engines   250 hrs 500 hrs 1000 hrs 2000 hrs
Petrol Outboard 10 hrs 50 hrs 100 hrs 200 hrs  
standing rigging   turnbuckles & shrouds WD-40      
standing rigging       inspect rig wire for chafe and retape turnbuckles  
furling mast     flush furling mast  bearings with soapy water and lubricate with WD-40    
boom car     clean boom car and lubricate with silicon lubricant    
boom track   clean boom track with water       
profurl headsail     clean profurl and lubricate, check for rope chafe     
sails       clean and dry sails, visually inspect seams  
winches       clean and lubricate self tailing winches  
stanchions   remove rust and clean all stanchions and life lines      
deck hardware   clean and lubricate deck hw with soapy water      
hatches     clean lubricate and wax hatches and portholes    
hull     clean and wax hull sides    
deck       clean and wax deck sides with traction wax    
dodger and bimini     spray dodger/bimini sunbrella fabric with water repellent spray    
emergency tiller       clean emergency tiller cover and lubricate, check for operation  
steering gear       clean and lubricate steering gear  
compass       re-plot compass deviation chart  
AIS       check settings on AIS via PC serial connection  
wind instrument     re-calibrate wind instrument    
anchor chain       inspect / replace anchor chain markers  
anchor chain         change anchor chain end-for-end
zinc at prop     check/replace zinc    
sea-cocks     operate all sea-cocks    
shaft stern gland seal       grease shaft stern gland seal and check outside gland seal   
shaft stern gland seal         lubricate cutlass bearing
main engine     replace fuel filter on main engine (250 hrs)    
main engine     replace lube oil and filter on main engine (250 hr)    
main engine     check/adjust/replace alternator V belt  (250 hrs)    
main engine     check/adjust engine control handle actuator position  (250 hrs)    
main engine     adjust engine intake/exhaust valve clearance  (250 hrs)    
main engine     check/adjust engine fuel injection  (250 hrs)    
main engine     check/adjust main engine fuel injection timing (500 hr)    
main engine     check/recoat engine mounts and coupling bolts (500 hr)    
main engine     remove salt rust dirt from vetus valve on main engine    
main engine       replace main engine marine gear oil (1000 hr)  
main engine       clear engine intake strainer (1000 hr)  
main engine       check sea water main engine pump impeller (1000 hr)  
main engine         check cutlass bearing and lubricate with silicone 2000 hr
main engine         replace/check fresh water cooling with decsol 2000 hr
main engine         wash main engine lube oil cooler 2000 hr
main engine         clean main engine gear oil cooler 2000 hr
main engine         clean/check engine fresh cooling water paths 2000 hr
main engine         clean/check engine sea cooling water paths 2000 hr
main engine         check/replace engine cooling/fuel water hose 2000 hr
main engine         check/replace engine mixing elbow 2000 hr
main engine         lap engine intake/exhaust valves 2000 hr
generator   check generator air cleaner (250 hr)      
generator   replace lube oil and filter on generator (250 hr)      
generator     replace generator fuel filter (500 hr)    
generator     inspect condition on generator mixing elbow (500 hr)    
generator       adjust generator intake/exhaust valve clearances (1000 hr)  
generator       check/adjust condition of fuel injection (1000 hr)  
generator       check/replace sea water generator pump impeller (1000 hr)  
generator         check generator fuel injection pump 2000 hr
generator         wash generator lube oil cooler  2000 hr
generator         clean/check generator fresh cooling water paths  2000 hr
battery measure battery SG and check water        
battery     check battery el. Connection and recoat to inhibit corrosion    
battery     download battery history from BMV monitor    
battery     check/download Victron battery charger settings    
battery     check Belmar alternator battery charger settings    
outboard engine   clean/adjust/replace outboard spark plugs (50 hr)      
outboard engine   outboard gear oil change (50 hr)      
outboard engine     grease outboard at grease points (100 hr)    
outboard engine     change outboard lube oil (100 hr)    
outboard engine     inspect/replace outboard fuel filter (100 hr)    
outboard engine     adjust outboard idling speed (100 hr)    
outboard engine     clean outboard cooling water passage (100 hr)    
outboard engine     inspect/replace outboard timing belt (100 hr)    
water maker   clean water maker sea strainer (100 hr)      
water maker     inspect/replace water maker pre-filters (200 hr)    
water maker     change water maker pump crankcase oil  (200 hr)    
water maker         change packing, scals and "O" ring on water maker pump (2000 hrs)
washing machine     clean washing machine filter