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Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:

I retired even earlier than Roger. But - since we moved to Florida in November 2005, I was very busy person. Initially, looking for a suitable sailing boat. Afterwards, it was all about organising and preparing the new vessel, and us, for the cruising life. There were numerous things evaluated, compared and finally selected and installed in order to make Ednbal just so easy to live on. I am looking forward to enjoying it all: I am looking forward to integrating the navigation system on board of Ednbal, and also am looking forward to travelling to remote and isolated places. And I am looking forward to travel to congested and old continents. I am looking forward to spending time devoting to painting, but also excelling in cooking, learning to fish and to maintain the Yanmar engine on Ednbal. The future I hope will be bright - very versatile, very engaged and challenging at times.